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Ticket is valid 1 year.

Hot air ballooning is an original and unforgettable surprise on the occasion of a wedding, a birthday, or any other special occasions.

A balloon can fly 1 meter above the ground, treetops or rivers, as more than 2000 meters above the surface to get an overview of the landscape.

We can fly the whole year.

The flight lasts minimum 45 minutes and the whole service usually three hours. This includes the inflation operations, flight, the toast of the balloonist after landing and return with a Land Rover Defender.

Substantially the same as on the ground! Knowing that the balloon flies through the air, we do not feel the wind on board. Not to mention the heat from the burners … however jacket or sweater must be brought during preparation of the balloon or after landing.

The most beautiful territory in the World: Lozère and Aveyron. Each flight is unique.

No, because the balloon is not attached to the ground (such as a bridge or a scale, for example), dizziness phenomenon does not exist. During the flight the basket remains stable and there is no swing. You feel very comfortable from take off.

Just be healthy and flexible enough to climb into the basket and eventually take the squatting position for landing. If you have any doubt, please consult a doctor.

Because of the wind speed which is not necessarily same ground in the air. Over 18 km / h wind, we are forced, for security reasons, to cancel flights.

Hot air balloon goes with the wind; the pilot only controls the altitude of the balloon more or less burning air inside the envelope with the burners.
During the day, the sun heats the ground making the lower layers of the atmosphere unstable and turbulent. Wind is often too strong and violent vertical currents are present.
However, in the morning or evening, the wind is calm and laminar offering comfortable security conditions.

No, all passengers are in standing position for the duration of the flight.

Before taking off, it is best to ensure that the wind is consistent with the prediction, because it is the strength and direction of the latter will determine the choice of land to be used for takeoff. These balloons filled with helium, will allow us to measure the speed and wind direction at different altitudes.

A balloon flight has few impact on environment. Despite the fact that fossile energy is burnt, Propan is a much cleaner energy that Petroleum.